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Over the years, one of the things Parker & Sons has been most proud of is fostering a work environment designed to help employees and customers alike thrive. In all our years in business, if we’ve discovered one fundamental truth it’s that you cannot run a successful service company without happy technicians. That’s why Parker & Sons is always looking for enthusiastic plumbing, electrical, and HVAC experts in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ to join our team. We offer great benefits and multiple opportunities for advancement, as well as on-the-job training and monthly incentives. Our award-winning, family-owned company is built on a history of reliability, friendliness, and professionalism. We expect the highest performance out of our contractors, but we provide the highest level of employee respect in return. At Parker & Sons, we always like to say, “we’re not your average Joe.” So if you want to be an above average Tucson and Phoenix electrician, plumber or AC and heating tech, give us a call today, and start enjoying a better quality of life ASAP!

Parker & Sons operates on the employees FIRST policy, meaning we offer:

  • Flexibility: Work for a company that will provide opportunities to grow in your career track.
  • Information: We ensure our team is up on all the latest industry standards and receives ongoing training to offer the highest quality services possible.
  • Responsibility: At Parker & Sons, our employees go above and beyond to form relationships with customers based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Success: Our team members not only receive benefits and incentives, we also offer career longevity, usually promoting from within.
  • Talent: Parks & Sons doesn’t do layoffs—we keep busy during the “off seasons,” because we want to help keep our team the very best it can be.

To learn more about Parker & Sons, call (602) 833-2550 now, or send us a message online.

Our History

Parker & Sons: A Phoenix HVAC & Plumbing Company Backed by 40+ Years of Experience

Parker & Sons was founded by Jack and Faye Parker in 1974 in Phoenix, Arizona. The history of our Tucson and Phoenix HVAC and plumbing company begins with a single service vehicle, which was just an old family wagon, big enough to carry a couple of people, a few tools, and some basic supplies.

Back then, services and projects were approved by our customers with a handshake. Trust wasn’t just a word, it was a contract. 40 years later, Parker & Sons has evolved into one of Arizona’s oldest and largest home service companies, with more than 100 members on our team. Our services have expanded to include not only heating and cooling, but plumbing, electrical, drain cleaning, water treatment, and insulation options as well. But while a lot of things have changed, our mission to provide 100% customer satisfaction has not.

Parker & Sons Recruitment

We're Proud of Our Recognition

  • Congressional Recognition
    Congressional Recognition

    In today’s day and age it is hard to get Congress to agree on anything… that’s why we are so honored that even Congress can agree that Parker and Sons is a great company! We received a letter of recognition and a certificate from the House of Representatives themselves!

  • Industry Leaders of Arizona
    Industry Leaders of Arizona

    We are proud to share that we just won the Industry Leader of Arizona award! This award is given to recognize the contributions and impact of Arizona‐based companies on both the economy of Arizona and our community. It is an honor to be recognized for our community service and for our leadership within the service industry.

  • Voted #1 Service Company
    Voted #1 Service Company

    Ranking Arizona is the largest business poll in Arizona, customers vote on who the best company in a specific category is. It is the only major award in Arizona that is decided entirely by the voting public! We have been honored to be voted the #1 residential service company based on our customer service and quality workmanship for the last 11 years in a row!

  • BBB Business Ethics Award
    BBB Business Ethics Award

    The Better Business Bureau serving Central, Northern and Western Arizona (BBB) announced the winners of the 2014 BBB Business Ethics Awards and… Parker & Sons is a winner of the BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics for the second time!

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